To those mankind learned to stop killing each other and remain in peace.

) If you cannot find your way with open eyes, you may try it with close eyes.

) Crisis = opportunity

) Try to listen without listening; YOU will hear the silence, the silence that brings you tremendous opportunity.

) Ask yourself, Who wishes to ... Who? And For whom!

) Remember: Life has many formulas for success! ~ !

) Think beyond the limit.

) Never complicate your simple life.


) Always be on time!

) Paint by numbers.

) Step out of the Equation!

) See green!

) Rely on your light.

) Always keep the secrets!

) Keep remembering: Listening comes before understanding.

) Ask yourself everyday:

"What makes somebody better person?!"

WHAT TO DO TO BE Successful!

) Always have clear views of success!

) Think positive! 

) Think plus!

) Think net!

) Think big:

) Think smart!

) Everyday, bring more new ideas in your life!

) Never ARGUE!!

) Always remember: Our Imagination is more important than our knowledge.

) Make it easy to start and easy to end.

) Never think twice.

) Never fall in love in work place or anywhere else.

) Make an adventure out of someone else's life!

) Be 99 and 66/100 % smart!

) Journey to never, never land

) Stop first, and then start.

) Never start plan, without escape plan.

) Fly higher, If you can land safely!

) Make sure, for every stop there is always a starting point.

) Always go to the end of your question.

) Control your anger with your inner peace.

) Build your own escape plan.

) Never let your dream comes between you and reality.

) Never close the eyes of your dreams,

) Never paint your life in one color.

) Never say anything unless you have to.

) Never give Up, never and never!

) Never stay in triangle.

) Do not make the same mistake twice.

) Be true to yourself. Make your life extraordinary life, and Be nice to Yourself!

) Love yourself unconditional.

) Always make it clear, what to do and what not to do.

) Never hide your feelings.

) Never lose your hope.

) If you have decided on something, It must be done.

) Let your dream become a reality with high standard!!!

) It is your first responsibility to make yourself first.

) When things looks empty, be selfish.

) Set your own path rather than following the other.

) Beware of your lover.

) An uncertain risk is better than no risk at all.

) Learn how to live, not how to die.

) First relax, then think and then act with caution.

) Be the one enjoys the moment.

) Every nights has an infinite stars and every life has an infinite windows.

) Take control of your life, Be realistic.

) Keep your pride and dignity, at all costs.

) Always tell the truth to your friend and never lie to your enemy.

) Never choose your third choice.

) If you can dream it once you cannot dream it again. You must act on it.

) Demand to be a winner.

) Design your own life.

) Don't be afraid to be weak and don't be too proud to be strong.

) Never be normal. Never think normal, but live normal.

) Never shy in time of making a decision.

) In time of trouble, stop thinking for a moment; listen to your inner signal.

) If it is broken, never fix it. Start over again! And rebuild it.

) Never give third chance.

) Always keep your life simple, choose less but the best.

) Never let small things stand on your way.

) Never be out of focus in finding your way to the top.

) Never kill your dream, Let it rest. Start dreaming again.

) Never share your dream, your business, and your problem.

) Never give false hope to someone including you.

) Never wait for your date.

) Never hate someone.

) Never feel sorry for yourself.

) Invest in dream of your own.

) Forgive only once, but not forget.

) Never underestimate power of your believe.

) Think hard, not twice.

) Dreaming are not only way to succeed in life.

) For now or for ever? Choose both.

) Be funny, Be smart, Be brave and Be yourself.

) Always: Pay as you go.

) Always see beyond of what your eyes can see.

) Always keep good memories handy and bad memories in unknown bank.

) Never become excited.

) Never feel guilty.

) Too soon is always too late.

) For every problem there is a solution.

) Always think like a winner. Act like a winner. Feel like a winner.

) Get your life organized by organizing your vision.

) Never let your money control your life and your feelings.

) Make your mark in the world.

) Travel with every chance you get.

) Never trap in others soul.

) Always face the world of trouble with inner peace.

) First comes yourself, then your dream and finally your love.

) Never uncover the lie.

) To become a master mind, keep your mind wet.

) No one can destroy you, but your own imagination.

) Don't let your choice stop you from dreaming.

)  Never try to be like someone but yourself.

) Never stop challenging by worrying for tomorrow .

) Never wish to live longer or die sooner.

) Never sleep while you are sad.

) Only offer advice, when it asked for one.

) Never close one door without knowing that you can open other.

) Anything less than extraordinary in your life is wasting of a time.

) Always finish what you started.

) Always have positive vibrations in your motivation.

) Never lie to yourself about your feeling.

) Your future is what you make of it.

) Always love to challenge and love to change.

) Never go back to yesterday, or rush to rich to tomorrow.

) Create what no one can create it.

) Don't force any outcomes.

) True love runs smoothly.

) Always, value advice offered by valued person.

) You are crazy for believing what you already believed or, crazy for believing what you never believed.

) Rise above your irritation and focus on new lifestyles.

) Look at life with your own eyes.

) Work smarter, not harder.

) Park Side of paradise.

) Always believe what is unbelievably invisible.

) Create your own history.

) Color your own sky.

) Define what is most important to do. Otherwise, you may get overwhelmed.

) Try to find the other you in every day of your life.

) Always try to find out what is behind every smile.

) Never stop loving yourself.

) Let your imagination reach beyond its limit.

) Create your own life style.

) Remember: It is good to be you.  

) Never base your judgment on color and rare.

) Put your worries in to the trash.

) Speak with your heart and listen with your soul.

) Stay in your believe at all cost.

) Never work cheap.

) Be more optimistic than pessimistic.

) Always look out and say" hello world count me in, I am a player. “Like I care!

) In order to find what you looking for. First Believe it!  Then Do It! because just only you and you can pull it out.

) In order to succeed: Always take one extra responsibility and one extra step. 

) In order to create better you, you must feel comfortable with who you are.

) It's important for you to know that every day could be a fresh start for you.

) Start to understand that your future is limited only by your own hopes and act.

) Always lay to rest your childhood drama.

) Challenge is the only reason for living.

) Never stick with complicated people.

) First responsibility is to be healthy, second to be happy and third is to make someone happy!!!

) Believe things that no one has abilities to believe it.

) Sometimes wall must be turned down, so you can see what is behind them

) Always become the solutions to your own problem.

) Never kiss fake Lips.

) Act, think, talk, eat, drive, learn and work fast, but do not judge fast!

) Think as a master of the universe.

) Live wild. Be red!!! And Always sleep naked.

) Feel like oxygen and burn like a hydrogen.

) Never humiliate someone.

) Leave if you can't stay anymore!

) Never ask for a mercy!

) Never complicate your XXX life.

) Never blame yourself, Demand the advantage but stay cool, Experience the difference!

) Always have great powers of concentration and a vivid imagination.

) Remember: Opening your secret to someone is like a losing your freedom.

) Never rely on your friends, your money, your lover and your power.

) Always ask yourself that, how do I do it!? And why should I do it!

) Never make a decision right after XXX!

) Go soft but be tough.

) Always update your knowledge, your interest, your love, your lifestyle, your look and your friendship.

) Put every problem back where you found it.

) Always take the long way to the home.

) Keep asking yourself what is your objective?! and what is the smartest way to achieve it ?!

) Always remember life is a contract with reality, made by unreality.

) Always travel higher education.

) Be creative, motivate, make everything possible, and make things happen.

) Always start with the basics and make it grow.

) Never settle for less than Extraordinary.

) Keep remembering:" Fun is where you make it and feel it!!!"

) Always insist on victory.

) Never sleep at noon.

) Anything less than passionate, extraordinary life, is just wasting of your life.

) Always build your life in faith.

) Not just to be, to be the best and have the best.

) Always ask for more knowledge, more XXX and more fun.

) Never confuse in your life, make a line.

) Never ask for more love, more money, and more food.

) Never destroy what you build it.

) Try to understand a way to have fun, not to kill all your feeling and die.

) Never feel rejected. Rejection does not exist in real world.

) Always remember: Two people and one fortune bring zero chance.

) Be the first one, who believes in you.

) Anything in anywhere and anytime is possible.

) Don't start running, because when you start running, you will never stop.

) Never try to buy or understand love.

) Never feel sad.

) Always have a respect to your enemy, if you have one I!! They are your light.

) Anything is possible, if you try it in right way and right time with right tool.

) Never go beyond the limit, but think beyond the limit.

) Good thing happen to whom waits, but not always.

) Never feel loser" because once you feel loser you become a loser."

) Have the guts.

) Keep your health prior to everything. Do what feels right and your mind wants.

) Never let your imagination to be your only decision.

) Always choose the best.

) Let: Your daily life to be your temple and your religion.

) Never think of what you lost, think of what you have and you will discover it.

) What was, it was, and.... What is, it is!

) I, I, and I are the only three people whom can help me.

) To find more about the other you, You must be though as you need to be.

) Never become addicted to anything.

) Never cry for a lost! And never trust to whom cries for a lost.

) Always remember: "You are everything you need to be."

) Never go to the mission with opposite sex!!!

) Take this life and love it. That’s all you get it.

) Give yourself a life, you order it with your own desire.

) Let the beauty you love, be what you do and believe, not what you dream it.

) Remember, to be human is to risk. To be a successful human is to make a calculated risk. But risk any way.

) If you are lost, open your eyes and shut your mouth.

) Make a name for yourself.

) It is not important how well you do something, It's important you do the right thing.

) Never cry in public. Sleep in peace.

) A mature person is who acts like a kid once in a while.

) Most of the time the solution is really far less drastic than you think, SO try your best!

) Improve your communication in a positive way. Never be lost in your romantic element.

) Assert yourself to the recognition you deserve.

) If it seems to be dead end, stop and choose a new direction, make some dramatic resolution.

) When both your focus and perspective are in the short side does nothing.

) Every month hit the road or does some crazy things.

) Relaxed state of mind could bring a meaningful flash of insight vision with high success.

) Go ahead; ask for the moon, you just might get it!

) Create more Inner peace and security by Creating some cool memories.

) Create a new path toward a rock - solid future .by making the most of your dream.

) Remember" the world "in your own Image.

) Expect the unexpected, everywhere With everyone all the time.

) If you are angry don't push it, or you will end up pushing the wrong buttons.

) Always be ready to take some calculated risks. Your style scores points, no matter when, where, what!!!

) Communication is very important for making a request, making apologies and sharpening technical skills.

) Always take your final decision before matter get it completely out of your hand.

) Love being who you are!

) You're stars will be rising; if you don’t  destroy what you build it on your way to the top of success.

) For every step you take ask yourself that; Is it reality or just another fantasy? "

) Telling the difference could be difficult but its only way to make your way clear.

) Make it clear you are no beast of burden.

) When you have trouble living up to your publicity, try It to relax, then relax, and  then relax more and finally start thinking to find out the best way to solve the problem by your inner peace and inner vision.

) In every stop there is new start! But you cannot discover your start point, if you never stop.

) Upgrade sound system in time of party to success.

) See and feel they way that, no one can see and feel it.

) Your life story is the best lesson to yourself as you are the best friend to your life.

) Remember you can't change the truth.

) Make life less difficult for others by starting to make life less difficult to yourself.

) Do not commit another mistake by making more mistakes and not correcting it.

) Free yourself from your past, if it is your dark personal history.

) Success is more than a dream. Continue to learn        !!'

) Count yourself in the world of success by stepping into it.

) When you give advice, make the details as interesting as possible.

) Learn to be flexible, smart , intelligent and creative.

) Be the one you always dream to be. 

) Create your own path with using others experience.

) Always ask the right question, in a right way, at a right time, from a right person.

) Choose not to reveal all your cards immediately.

) Learn to trust yourself. By being a first one believing you.

) Learn to speak your mind in smart way!

) Always break the pattern and express yourself in a good way.

) Learn to admire yourself. By inspiring yourself.

) Learn to invest your money in the best Ideas.

) Health come first then money, and then love because if you have no health, then it won't be money to keep the one you Love. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

) Never negotiate a tricky deal.

) In every business, the trick is to use your talent in a positive way.

) Remember: another great Idea is your gain.

) Don't hesitate to go for the cream of the best.

) Learn to live happy.

) Learn to see the truth without the glasses.

) If you have to give up your plans, try to reschedule rather than cancelling it.

) Remember: your financial picture keeps brightening if you keep thinking brighter

) Remember: Career situation always improves once you start working a little harder on your Image.

) Reach to the top with the images of your future, not with memories of your personal histories. 

) Always try to come out of hibernation and get on with your life.

) Always feel happy about yourself and your plan for the future. Ignore any lost.

) Value advice offered by a person with value.

) True love runs smoothly. If its happening fast, then it is not true love.

) Develop your sense of touch and taste for better understanding to higher success.

) Always love good food, good music, and good sleep to clear your mind for better thought.

) All in all, that will be your life, if you act smart.

) While everyone else moves ahead with their lives, It’s your time to shine with the better future.

) Take it easy and build your life with care and responsibility.

) Do not get too giddy with your own power.

) Be wild and free once a week.

) Always, keep alert for a business or career proposal.

) Taking financial risks may be more never-wracking than you bargained for it .but risks are the keys to success.

) Always respond with quiet dignity.

) Always expect some bad reviews about how you've spent cash, make a decision, make an offer, and offer opinion. 

) Always make a time with private celebration With someone close to you.

) The best gift is second chance. Give it with caution; take it, with no hesitation.

) Remember: Destiny won't find you.

) Enjoy it while it lasts. Live your life as you wish to be.

) Losing job is the best opportunities for self-improvement, and another chance to shine and make the best of you.

) A small financial windfall may arrive on or after any big success, stay strong.

) It's always important to identify your strengths and then build on it your success.

) No matter where you are or who you are, watch out for a unexpected surprise.

) Always think strong and sharp both financially and emotionally.

) Share your vision with smart people. I said share , not just give away.

) A little bluff often brings you second chance.

) Feel a sense of satisfaction about everything you do.

) Always remember You are the big time winner.

) Learn to say NO!!!

) Ask yourself every day: Did I make a big difference in my life today?!!! .

) Always give your thought a powerful advantage.

) Every new step means you are starting a huge new cycle of growth in your life.

) Feel more confident, and more in touch with your inner value.

) Settle for nothing less than a full meaningful romance in your love life.

) If you lost on the way to become the best! Refresh your mind and spirit.

) In time of trouble give in to temptation; buy some extravagant gift to yourself.

) Dramas will be few if you surround yourself by your own wisdom.

) Always Re-evaluate and refine before saying goodbye to your day.

) Settle for nothing less than a big-screen-life.

) Don't just pull into your shell in time of trouble.

) Spend as much as you can afford on personal health, education and other areas of self-improvement.

) You can make a huge difference in your professional life, as long as you don't rely on others.

) It's time to be less self-critical.

) Every sunset is the good time to focus on what you done and what you should do next.

) Evaluate your success every weekend.

) Never make a Ion term plan in a short time.

) Never listen to your third thought?

) Your decision must be depending on the occasion and based on the reality or reasonable imagination.

) Borrow a name from the world of success,

) Be who practices true success.

) Don't be like people aren't sure of what they really want in life.

) Stay away from all those mushy promises that always sound good but never actually come close to reality.

) Remember: Real friend accepts you as you are.

) Be the first to Believe in "you”!!!

) When trouble looms, transform into the person with Max focus.

) In the time of crises be a success technical advisor or find one.

) Don't always be a clean-living vegetarian who practices yoga.

) Remember the success is a sense of dedication and a certain discipline of mind ability to dream free, ability to bring the imagination to life, power to create extraordinary ideas and the ability to work hard.

) Your life can be improved by contacting with your Inner power.

) Always there are many simple rules that help you to succeed.

) Create the most desirable Idea for your
lifestyle as a key to the future.

) Always be careful of what you're saying about whom and to Whom.

) Always resist temptations to lower your standards, even slightly.

) Several projects that have been dangling over your head can be successfully completed by using new ideas.

) As you look ahead, consider the possibilities rather than the drawbacks.

) Find out where you came from and then decide where you are going.

) Forget about past and build up your future.

) Always have few answer to :

Where to go!
What to say!!
What to do!!!

) Money is big theme but not everything.

) Stay cooler, calmer and once again in control of your mind.

) Always business - related project needs some brain storming action. Have one, or find one.

) If you cannot win the battle, then it is time for you to change your tactics.

) Know when to draw the line.

) Think like "master of the masters”. Be the one who leave their mark on the world, and remembered as man of peace.

) Instead of Photographing a face, or a figure, aim to the “mind and soul ".

) Always wait for that moment when the inner power comes to life.

) Real friend doesn't give up on you. Real love doesn’t leave you.

) Love yourself for who you are, not for who you have to be!

) Remember: Smart people make a difference in their life.

) Always offer your support to your partner.

) Always try to raise your spirits by having positive vibration in your life.

) "Flexible people don't get bent out of shape"

) Always test to see how many real friends you have, leave the rest to the rest!!!

) Never go back to your first choice.

) Never solve your problem with a busy mind.

) Never solve your problem with many solutions.

) Never solve your problem by creating another one.

) Never give rash opinion.

) Never focus in only one part of a problem.

) Never trust your six senses in time of trouble.

) Never open someone's secret to someone else.

) Never discuss your business plan when it's no completed yet.

) Never look after a "perfect plan with no risk tall."

) Never make a plan with many options.

) Never complicate your friendships.

) Do not worry" Today is the tomorrow, you been worried about yesterday."

) When stranger asks you where you live?  SAY: Far away from here.

) Never take them back .who left you once!

) Always check your audience before voicing opinions

) Long-range financial planning should be high on you "must do" list.

) write a book on self-confidence.

) Make many good things happen and try to make your life enjoyable

) Invent better and peaceful future with smart, honest and hardworking lifestyle.

) Find out what runs your life.

) Learn how to truly control what happens to you and your future, with power of now!

) Be certain to return to where, whenever you like.

) The image of better life will help you to bring secure life!

) Always feel your-self lighter and out of trouble.

) Don't spend time for thinking about the thing you don't have, think of what you have or you will have.

) To understand the origin of success you must go back to the beginning.

) Create a long - term professional goal.

) Always be as a positive role model for yourself, and your own hero.

) Say goodbye to communication snags.

) Respond to your heart's unspoken wishes with caution.

) Never is late for new season and fresh start.

) Get out where you can see and be seen by those with professional style.

) Do not share your vision with who cannot see the way you see it.

) You are able to get just about anything from just about anyone with your vision

) Remember you are the star attraction which suits you just fine.

) Remember, you can talk your way into just about anything you want!!!

Every night is good time to do some soul-searching, and find the other you.

) Look back honestly on the past six days of your life and make the 7th day perfect one.

) Too many friends bring a lot of confusion and uncertainty in to your life.

) With a bit of creativity, you could be the most successful person in the world.

) Keep flogging your innovative ideas.

) Don't miss out on a couple of good opportunities pass by your life.

) Sometimes people you've just met prove more helpful than those who are close.

) Decisions you make in your life should be from the heart as well as the head.

) Always, remember to take time out for yourself, or you'll be overwhelmed by it.

) Best time to get what you need is any time.

) Remember: Sometimes your own instinct and research can work to your advantage in a difficult situation.

) Life could be enjoyable ,as a result of your easy-going nature

) You can't solve the problem when you are part of the problem.

) Self-discovery is the first key to see the truth and a way of success.

) Continue to concentrate on new directions in your career, in every day of life.

) Don't hit the send bottom so quickly when emailing someone whose decisions can affect your life.

) Focus on your own health -rather than everyone else's by ) Make your environment as enjoyable as possible.

) Start your day with a mind freely with positive energy.

) Just saying: Imagination is the eye of the soul.

) Part of being a good business man is to know when worry and when not.

) You imagine is what you desire, you will become what you imagine, and at last You create what you willing and desiring all your life.

) Positive minds most a time brings you success. Take a deep breath and let your body rest once a day

) Sometimes even changing life won’t help you to be in better life!!!

) Return the way you started and replace your past with better future by living in the present and creating a perfect past for tomorrow.

) Always move on with your life and ride the waves.

) There is advantage to watching people’s daily life.

) There is a rise every time you fall.

) Believe yourself because you know what's right for you.

) Don't Let yourself be pushed into any agreement you don't believe it.

) Never let people to force their standard of their own life on you.

) Let your dream come to life, and Say hello to the world.

) Hang on tight to your dreams and goals.

) Color your own sky with your own path.

) Find the other you" by just being yourself.

) Define "the success" prior to looking for one.

) It's good to be you, Explore the limits and power of life by Stay sharp and focus.

) Remember: What you want to be in your tomorrow starts today.

) Never offer and accept juicy promises.

) Inspire yourself, by Defending your best interests, dreams and goals.

) Enjoy of being you!

) Always offer a cheerful respond.

) Respect your own needs first.

) Always demand rewards for your time and energy.

) Have a moment of silence thought!

) Make a Communication with your heart and mind.

) Allow your talent to shine. Strong people never need emotional support or advice.

) Remain dedicated to the small goals, and Long-term dreams.

) Never hold back your frustration and don't express all of it. Never let your mind lose your soul.

) It is time to choose life-style that is in your goal and style.

) You have so much of life to try, Rely on your own light. Trust yourself! Success has infinite keys. If you lost one grab another one.

) Take control of your life. Love to risk, and Don't lose your hope and dream.

By Work smart not hard, you will Make it easy to start and easy to end by Believing what is unbelievable.

) Keep looking until you get something, Balance your life, Stay worry free, Live wild and Love being who you are.



) LIFE is one way Highway with many sign and no speed limit!

) LIFE is full of need, need and another need until we realize what we need to be.

) LIFE is about strong minds and then looking for another stronger mind to be found.

) LIFE is full of unlimited dreams with limited time!!!

) LIFE is something just out of reach.

) LIFE is a wave; nobody knows the end of it.

) LIFE is a game, Sometimes you loose and sometimes you  win but every one love to play.

) LIFE has many upside down, inside out and that is why life enjoyable.

) LIFE is just a mystery and out of reach.

) LIFE is a straight line with no "U" turn, reaching for the other side, believing it does exist.

) LIFE is like eyes of a mind searching deep down for the answer.

) LIFE is "HI", and “Good bye”.

) LIFE is about hurt and cry with joy of success.

) LIFE is echoes of soul through the land.

) LIFE is the voice of hope, peace and success.

) LIFE is an instrument; it plays songs of every man.

) LIFE is sweet as the honey in milk.

) LIFE is enjoyable while waiting for the change.

) LIFE comes with start and ends as brakes some heart on its way to the end.

) LIFE is like a trip, some people fly and some can only walk.

) LIFE is made from dreaming of a big dream.

) LIFE is about where you are and where you want to be!!!

) LIFE is about risking to may have it all.

) LIFE is made of dreaming and worrying about things, It will never happen.

) LIFE is just seeds, start the same but end with many differences.

) LIFE is about discovering what others might miss.

) LIFE is full of believing, what to not to believe.

) LIFE is about hunting infinite memories.

) LIFE is a vision of your soul, as close as your eyes to see.

) LIFE is all about experiment, no one can tell you that, and what it's like.

) LIFE is heaven, If heaven is you.

) LIFE is a sunrise waiting for sunset.

) LIFE is a symphony start with silence and end with silence.

) Sometime LIFE is better left to the chance!!!!!!!!

) LIFE is about keeping hope alive.

) LIFE is all about imagination.

) LIFE is full of circle.

) LIFE is all about crazy thoughts.

) LIFE is a bet on love and hope at a same time.

) LIFE has many chances in the hole of crisis.

) LIFE is about reaching out.

) LIFE is a voice for unspoken soul.

) LIFE is about changing, Nothing ever stays the same.

) LIFE is about testing our soul in to the material

) LIFE is a like a windshield full of stars.

) LIFE is a Highway with many strange songs.

) LIFE has many turn, turn and another turn, till we learn that, there are another turn.

) LIFE is about change, change and another change, till we learn that, we can make a change.

) LIFE is watching you watching III

) Life is about learning from your enemy.

) Life is about discovering true love never ends.

) Life is about getting hurt by the one you loved most.

) Life is about learning that, No one you can only trust.

) Life is about seeing what you wish not to see.

) Life is about Discovering what you wish never know.

) Life is just a dream of stars, while you are the only star.

) LIFE is full of joy and pain, it can't exist alone.

) LIFE is about discovering what others missed.

) LIFE is full of believing, what the others choose not to believe.

) LIFE is about hunting infinite opportunities.


** NOW it's time to get a life, life with full of success, you can only have a life with strong mind. A type of mind can help you see what you must to see, and find what you desire to find and reach a place where you must to be •

I'm alive with so much of life to try!!!

Let’s face it, we are product of our Choices, Believes, and thoughts, let’s not forget about Luck. So is our life. Some people have everything, Great House to live, Great family and Great Job, Grate health, and everything most of us may dream of it and no reason to live. In other hand there are people have none of them and love life and Million reasons to live.

Life is a gift of Higher power, No matter what you call, you may call: God, Allah, Buddha, fire, etc.

I call the Higher power or “ The only  Love of my life”.  Life is a gift given to everyone. No one can take it away, and can judge on its quality. Everyone has equal rights to live and enjoy of his/her life as they wish to live.

Sometimes, it’s better to leave a life to its destiny. 

To choose peace, respect to needs of others will make life enjoyable.

Love life, and live to save a life and make life better to other mankind.

Be kind to each other, is the key to better life.


“Aria. J” 




How to identify the golden people?

1          They have inner peace.

2          They never give up, unless better yet to come.

3          They never argue.

4          They have inner happiness.

5          They trust no one but their own inner instinct.

6          They listen to their first inner signal.

7          They are self-motivated.

8          They life is mystery to the other, but clear to themselves.

9          They are no limit people.

10        They have inner candle and inner light.

11        They never born and never die.

12        They control their own destiny.

13        They see the invisible, feel the intangible, and achieve the impossible.

14        They are always happy.

15        They welcome the unknown.

16        They sick or give no advice for free.

17        They live optimistic.

18        They make every lost, an opportunity.

19        They never feel sad or lost.

20        They believe in universal justice.

21        They always exercise the power of silence.

22        They live through the biology of their own believes.

23        They have inner power.

24        They have inner vision.

25        They believe in inner motivation.

26        They are inner directed.

27        They have inner silence.

28        They never complicate their life or the life of others.

29        They choose less but the best

30        They choose the simplicity.

31        They close their eyes to see the real world.

32        They free their mind every end of a day.

33        They never carry their own personal history, or others.

34        They let go of ashes, so let, better yet to come.

35        They love challenging.

36        They never believe in failing.

37        They never feel guilty, and live in guilt free life-style.

38        They are problem solver, not problem creator.

39        They color their own world and sky.

40        They have courage.

41        They world!  They way!

42        They never try to explain themselves.

43        They pain their own sky as their imagination motivates them.

44        They see different than the others.

45        Look at the world, up-side-down.

46        They create their own destiny.

47        They act, not wish.

48        They never concerned about out-come of their actions.

49        They live at present.

50        They never worry about their future.

51        They calculate every risk, but risk anyway!

52        They never give a third chance.

53        They start over, instead of fixing it.

54        Their lost are opportunities.

55        They always speak without words.

56        They always follow their own lights.

57        They dream become a goal and their goal become a success.

58        They goal is to achieve.

59        They have an internal energy.

60        They play by they own music of life.

61        They choose their own Art of living.

62        Their every ends are just a beginning of another start.

63        Fear is not part of their life.

64        They listen to understand.

65        They are always ready for their opportunity, when it comes.

66        They accept the fact.

67        Their wisdom not left for a chance.

68        They purpose of life is a life with a purpose.

69        They create their life by their thoughts.

70        They pursue their dream to achieve.

71        They have always, a positive attitude towards the life.

72        If they can conceive and believe, they can achieve.

73        They success is getting what they want.

74        They are as they are.

75        They invest on themselves.

76        They key to the wisdom is “Silence!”

77        They always learned to say no.

78        They receive to give.

79        They trust in inner signal rather than outer.

80        They life is not about to being right. It’s about doing right thing and making right choice.

81        They accept what they cannot change or change what they cannot accept.

82        They always, believe that they will achieve, and they will achieve.

83        They order their own success.

84        They act with Vision, Mission, and Strategy.

85        They ignore their fears, coming from any sources.

86        They make a miracles happen.

87        They ease up in their daily life.

88        They encourage creativity and innovation.

89        They always achieve in their financial goals.

90        They always offer reasonable thoughts.

91        They provide value and quality on their thoughts.

92        They assume nothing and question everything.

93        They believe in themselves, and have pure confidence on their own wisdom.

94        They accept that nothing can be replaced, but everything can be rebuilt.

95        They exercise a quite mind in every moment of their life.

96        They have inner teacher inside them.

97        They have ability to establish a bargaining range in their life.

98        They have ability to reach the state of wariness, anytime, anywhere.

99        They always seek for true happiness.

100      They always make impossible possible.

101      They always motivate themselves.

102      They succeed because their success is inner process.

103      They have believed of can do!

104      They are the judge to their own past.

105      They are the creator of their own path.

106      They writer of their own story.

107      They read their own destiny

108      They build their own future.

109      They are creator of their own history

110      They happiness is wanting, what they get.

111      They are no limit people.

112      They have no point to prove. 

113      They Live as they die today and dream as they never die.

114      They choose their own path.

115      They live and act, god like.

115      They act as every single moment of their life is a moment of happiness.

117      They never give up.

118      They don’t afraid to be God like.

119      They wish is they act.

120      They live as happiness is available for them any time and any where.

121      They go to places, that no one ever gone before.

122      They believe that, what they do in this life is not matter, but they act as it does.

123      They action is matter, not the outcome of their action.

124      They always direct their energy to create a better life.

125      They replace the past with better future.

126      They life is a master piece of their own Art.

127      They shape, shade, and molded their own destiny.

128      They are the only hero of their own life.

129      They love themselves for who they are, not for who they have to be.

130      They don’t want to have all the answers.

131      They don’t need to have a reason for everything.

A message:

I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason; people come to our life as a teacher. Mistakes happen, so we can learn from it. People change, so that we can learn to let go. Things go wrong, so that we appreciate them once they were right. The one we love more, hurt us the most, so we never be blind by love. We believe lies, so we learn to trust no one but our inner instinct. Become Lost, so we can see the real worlds with a close eyes. Make a wrong choice, so we choose wisely next time. Crises happen, so we can use it as an opportunity. Lose everything, so we can start fresh and strong. Sometimes good things fall apart, so better things can fall from sky. Sometimes we have to let go of ashes, so the best come to life. We are product of our Choices, Believes, and Thoughts.  “ARIA”

Create your own future with knowledge of the past, not memories from the past.  “ARIA”
If you are not living now, then you won’t be living tomorrow.  “ARIA”
Life is about new memories!   “ARIA”



These declarations collected from many inspiring people – books – self- experience and quotes that thought me lesson in school of life.


Declaration to claim a personal power

We shall meet life with full presence and power,  reclaim our agenda, defeat our demons & amplify love
We shall practice joy and gratitude, inspire greatness, shall not break integrity
All religions, art and sciences are branches of the same tree.
How do you spell love? You don’t spell it, you feel it.
It does not bother the wolf how many sheep may be around.
Why we waste so much time sniffing at every distraction instead of focusing in our goals.
We must separate ourselves from those who stunt our vitality, growth, and happiness.
We must declare our personal power and freedom.
All man and woman are created equal, though we do not live equal lives due to difference in will, motivation, effort, and habit.
We are too often lost in the abyss of unawareness and  regularly miss the energy  around us.
A life of greater joys, power, and satisfaction awaits those who consciously design their life.
We have power to be Happy, Healthy and wealthy under all circumstances.
Stillness is an illness.
We won’t exist without our thoughts
The only thing that can stop me from living happy, healthy and wealthy life-style is me
Most of us are not maturing as fast as we are able.
Seeking change always requires a touch of insanity.
We are not the sum of our intentions but of our actions.
Our supreme duty must be to rekindle the magic of life. Protect your heart.
We must not sacrifice individuality and integrity without a fight.
Freedom and victory belong to those who remain true and strong despite temptation.
We have caused our own suffering. Most of these problems in our lives have been self-imposed.
We cannot allow apathetic, small-thinking men and women to lay waste to our future.
We must not let social pressures poison our potential.
There is greater vibrancy, joy, and freedom available to each of us.
Need a short cut to success. Have inner vision
The ultimate defense is to not defend
The end of the war with minds is the end of war
The whole world can love me, but it won’t make me happy, healthy, and wealthy
It is a good day to have a perfect day
A story always pays his debts
Our dreams are worth any struggle and that it is our time to rise to glory.
We are confined only by the thoughts we build ourselves.
Our soul only soeak to us in the quiet thoughts
Overthinking is not a solution.
We create our lives, our fortunes, and our destiny.
We must Sense of genuineness and joy in our being
We must feel unbounded, independent, and self-reliant; Living freely by crafting a life on our own terms
We must courageously speaking our thoughts, feelings, and ambitions with those around us, without concern about acceptance
We must have our free will to pursue abundant happiness, wealth, health, achievement, and contribution
We must Standing freely on our own, professing and protecting our ideas and integrity
We must always exercise Serving a mission that we have chosen
We shall advance with abandon
We are born and never die, if we live our lives as we desire it
Once we come out of the challenge, we won’t be the same as we walked in
The sky is not the limit, our belief is
Everything starts in believe and it manifest in reality
We must never be an ordinary people for extraordinary destiny.
Love is when you continue falling for it every day.
Honesty is a very expensive gift, we should not expect it from cheap people
We must have faith in what will be
Most of our problems in the world can disappear if we learn to respect other and listen to understand each other
Our stress caused by being here but wanting to be there; having this and wanting have that
Fighting to give our children a foundation in such freedom
Our most difficult task is to defeat social oppression, the caging of our spirit and the stifling of our potential by others.
We must not become slaves to opinion.
We mustn’t let our own negative thoughts and actions restrict us.
No: Doubt, worry, fear, and distraction.
Only kindest thoughts are the keys to universe and its happiness.
Craziness, never exist in the world, It is in us.
The only difference between right and wrong believes is a thought.
We always have what we need, It is just not always what we think we need.
Believe of thoughts, limited worlds of illusion
We can only love ourselves as we are
The perfect world exist when the mind is willing to see it
Everything we truly see it belong to us
None of us wants to be the cause of our own failure in life. Yet most often we are.
It is our own inept thinking, our own bad habits that rip the happiness from life.
We are the ultimate oppressors of our own happiness.
All great achievements require start point
Being happy in life always been our main goal
We must have responsibility and courage to think for ourselves.
We can live the life we truly want to live, leave the legacy we desire. Period!
When we try to control everything, we enjoy nothing. Sometimes we just need to relax, breath, let it go and live in the power of now.
Happiness exist only NOW!
We must be conscious and responsible for our beliefs and behaviours if we are ever to be successful.
We must dedicate ourselves to self-mastery; we must determine and discipline our own motivations to stay true to our sense of self, to our own path.
We are not slave to our history
We can be freed by our conscious thoughts and disciplined habits.
We must see vaster horizon for ourselves
We must not worry what could go wrong
Your body has no choice once mind-set
All our problems and solutions are product of our imagination
We are product of our choices, believes and thoughts
Let us obsess about Success, not failure; and Present, not past or future
We must accept that: “A better life worth some struggle.”
The tools to manage the difficulties of life are within.
Success  comes in understanding that it is our choice alone to move towards our achievements.
We must accept that: All our fears and success, and happiness can be conquered by mindset alone.
We need a Remarkable level of sustained motivation to succeed
Success and fulfillment in life rest on the unflagging ability to get up, to be ourselves, to chase our dreams with motivation and positive mind-set
A hallmark of those who achieve greatness is the discovery that they can control the level of motivation they feel by better directing their own minds.
Happiness is a choice, sadness is a choice, anger is a choice, love is a choice, health is choice.
Ambition is the choice to be, have, do, or experience something greater in our lives.
We must not hope for motivation; choose an ambition to become motivated for.
We must refocus.
The real downfall for many people isn’t that they are “unmotivated” people, but that they are simply distracted, too absentminded to sustain motivation.
We mustn’t take our eyes off our own goals,
The deeper and longer I give attention to my ambitions and passions, the more motivation I feel.
When motivation dies, then it’s not because our dreams died; it’s because we never began-or didn’t sustain – any real effort.
Greatness belongs to those who have mastered the ability to focus relentlessly on their ambitions and act decisively toward them.
Attitude matters
Motivation is summoned only from within.
You are choosing the people around you.
Life is enlarged and glorified when motivation is alight.
We must accept that all that we love of life can be accessed only now. All we seek is here, with us and available to us in this moment.
True life is only here, now, and we must learn to face it, feel it, and form it.
It is time to become more alert and engaged in the world.
We must overcome our habit of living in the past or future.
Successful people do not neglect reality. They meet difficulty with attention.
Most people would feel guilty for destroying someone else’s life. But they wreck they own life.
Suffering ends when you stop thinking of it as a suffering.
Our day is ultimately our choice.
I am not in charge or responsible for the wrecks other has created in their lives and I do not need to save everyone in my life.
If you can see a dream in the distance, move towards it with higher force, will, and consistency. and Happy, motivated, alive.
Our thoughts are more than our circumstances.
We are the ones who constantly delay our own progress.
Greatness belongs to those who have mastered their internal world.
Destiny turns its favor towards those who act
The first practice of integrity is to think before we act.
No major decision or action should be made without considering the major categories of our life; our personal well-being, our relation-ships, and our responsibilities to our own success and happiness.
We must not commit to anything where we lack passion.
We must stop saying yes to everything.
Many of our failures occurred because we began something with half-heartedness.
“Patience is a virtue.”
To keep out integrity in life, let us make that common-sense common practice.
Believing does not make it to be true.
Action becomes character
I as a human am capable of vision, choice and will.
Thinking is not love – giving is.
Which choice we make will determine the quality of our lives, the depth of our relationships
Demand higher standards
Let us demand honesty, responsibility, intelligence, excellence, courage, respect for others, vigilance, service, Unity. The virtues of greatness; The death of darkness
The aim of life is to live happy, healthy, and wealthy
We can add nothing into yesterday, and we should attach nothing to what we did or did not do
Some people didn’t see us needing them. Some didn’t care. It does not matter now.
It is the curious and unhurried eye that brings color back to life.
We caused ourselves pain Because we failed to pause and think,
We must ask : “How would my best self-view and respond to this situation?”
Common sense is not always common practice.
We must First say to ourselves what we would be; And then do what we have to do.
We are responsible for your reality.
We must Decide what we want of the world, And go make it happen.
No clarity, no change; no goals, no growth.
Humankind must be measured by actions alone, not intentions.
Only action reveals our true selves.
Only action moves us to mastery.
Only action allows us to create, grow, connect, contribute, rise to our highest selves, and soar into the bright stratosphere of greatness. All else is merely thought, and there is a difference between intention and initiative.
When we take action, An invisible force gathers all around us, and align with our purpose, to success
Great men and women don’t give a damn if anyone approves.
Great people rarely seek permission from the world,
No one will grant us permission to advance quickly
To radically advance our lives, we will no doubt endure real struggle.
The power to direct our destiny comes only from a mindset that makes as willing to struggle through learning, effort, and growth.
We shall practice joy and gratitude
We must make the habit to re-examine our attitude and orientation in life
We shall practice Joy and Gratitude.
The greatest of human gift is the ability to choose, at any moment, the color of our emotional sky.
We must have the constancy of mind to maintain our joy and gratitude even amid hardship, pain, and injustice.
We mustn’t live in the darkness of our doubts.
One way to keep ourselves sane and positive is to surround ourselves with people who are sane and positive.
If we want more Success and happiness in our lives, we must make clearer choices and more deeply commit to them.
Success must be measured by actions alone, not intentions.
I always jump into the ocean of my dreams and find my jewel of my happiness.
Anything is real, can be changed.
Circumstances are alterable with dedication
My dreams have more weight than my circumstances.
Dreaming is an action, meditating is an action.
“ We must take enough bold & significant actions in order to advance our lives and reach our full potential and success
Permission is not required, in happiness, health and wealth.
The only permission ever granted by society is permission to follow its norm and tradition.
And so let the motion of scarcity leave us completely.
Those who hate successful people do not know many successful people.
Our beliefs about success and wealth determine what we will pursue in life.
None of us will rise tomorrow and say, “I do not wish to advance my life.”
We mustn’t live in the darkness of our doubts
Our actions form, piece by piece.
The quality we desire in three separate areas of our lives: our character, our connections, and our contributions
In time, everyone will find their path.
Shadow exist because there is light around corner.
Victim and quitters take a different view. They often think their reality is fixed, immutable, determined by others outside themselves.
Reality is bendable to our will.
“Reality can be shaped and changed by my direct actions.”
You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great
We must fine our own voice
Real writing begins with rewriting
The earth has music for those who listen
Not being inspector of the dead is first step to happiness.
Trust your story
You can’t use up creativity and success
To accomplish great things we must act, dream, plan and achieve
You cannot wait for inspiration
It is not what we look at that matters, it is what we see
The first step to getting anywhere is deciding you’re no longer willing to stay where you are.
Vision without execution is hallucination
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams; live the life you have imagined
You meet people for two reasons: To change their life or they change yours.
Keep looking up – that’s the secret of life
The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.
Care about what other people think of you and you will always be their prisoner.
Don’t believe everything you think. 
Humanity is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.
Set your life in fire To See those who fan your flame
Happiness is an inside job
If you are going through hell, keep going
We spend too much time over-analyzing, over-thinking, and over-reacting.
The only expectations you should live up to are the ones you expect of yourself.
The art of knowing is to knowing what to ignore
Creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes. Art is that knowing which ones to keep.
Self-discipline leads to success.
Networking is not collecting contacts! It is building relationships.
I am the architect of myself! I build its foundation and choose its contents!
Write the book you want to read.
Good stories don’t give-up all their secrets at once
Trust your own madness
The most important things in communication is hearing what isn’t said
Authenticity is magnetic
Quiet people have the loudest minds.
You get to choose. Period
The starting point of all achievement is desire
The road to success is longer than you’d like, but shorter than you imagined it.
A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting
The power of silence, is powerful sound
We are our choices.
Words are free; it’s how you use them that may cost you
Be unstoppable
If you want something you’ve never had; you have to do something you’ve never done.
You were born to win, but you must plan to win
If there are no ups and downs in your life it means you are dead
One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else think of you.
Everyone makes mistakes in life
You know you’re on the right track when you become uninterested to look back – in the past.
Past has nothing new to say. Move on!
Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend
Those who perfect bring joy to every day of their lives.
Living happy, healthy, and wealthy is the only goals. Because it makes everyone around me happy, healthy and wealthy; Join the club.
A heart at peace gives life to the body
Freedom is the right to be wrong. Not the right to do wrong
A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected
Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change our lives for ever.
If I waited till I felt like succeeding. I’d never succeed at all.
Every successor I know has trouble succeeding including me.
Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to stop participating in the problem.
I say: “Can-should-will”
The expert in anything was once a beginner
Silence! Yes please. No world please. Just a silence which speaks true
Always give a chance to hear yourself
My choice is clear: “Only Extraordinary life!”
Every end has a start. Every start has a decision, every decision has a reason. And every reason has a meaning.
Let it be clear to all: greatness belongs to those who have mastered the ability to focus relentlessly on their ambitions and act decisively towards them.
We must remember that the power to direct our destiny comes only from a mindset that makes us willing to struggle through learning, effort, and growth.
Let us be transformed by this knowledge: self-mastery was never absent from our lives. We born with it, live with it, and eventually die with it. What makes us different is who discover it and use it to become master of his demand.
The world is as we believe it to be. It can never be less or more than that.
Joy is who we are
The aim of life is to live joyously, happily, healthy, wealthy with inner peace.